Sunday, March 26, 2023

A message from coach Bob


Just a quick note to all of the Junior Nighthawks and their families.

I had to leave the game this past Saturday to attend to a family matter and so missed the opportunity to thank you all for this past season.

This was the 21st season that I have been coaching the Junior Nighthawks and it was certainly the most interesting.  Never knowing how many of the 7 players were going to show for practices and games, but we rarely missed our quorum, so thank you for that.

Thank you to the other Junior coaches, Rich, Kevin, Chris and Leslie for all your help at games and especially practices.

Thank you to Kim MacKenzie for keeping us on the straight and narrow, especially me.

Sadly, we have to say good-bye to Will Anderson and his family. Will has signed a contract with the Peterborough team, financial details were not shared. Good luck Will and looking forward to when we see you next winter on the ice.

We need to attract more new players to the Junior team. Normally, I speak to about 4 or 5 new families over the summer who are interested in joining the Nighthawks. Last summer the phone rang only once. So I would ask that you spread the word to potential new Nighthawks.

Have a great summer and we’ll see each other in early October.