Friday, April 6, 2018

A thank-you message to Bob from North Bay after our mini tournament

From: Sharon Fung 
Sent: Thursday, April 5, 2018 8:04 AM
To: Mackenzie, Robert
Subject: parry sound

Hi Bob,

A little late because life gets in the way but thanks so much for organizing the Parry Sound mini tournament. Our group had a great time and one of the few opportunities we get to play our peers.  I thought you did a great job with the organazation and the games were fantastic. I think we have two very well matched teams as well as very similar philosophies regarding special hockey. It was the best way to end our season and everyone had a great time. Perhaps we will have to organize a get together with our  teams again next season.  I know our coaches and players would really like that.

Until then enjoy the time off!


Monday, March 12, 2018

March 24th Schedule

Below is the schedule. Please note that we have created two “mixed” teams from our Junior and Intermediate teams to match up better with teams from Barrie and North Bay.

Team A
Team B
10:00 AM
Newmarket 1
11:00 AM
North Bay Mixed
Newmarket 2
Newmarket Seniors
North Bay Seniors
North Bay Mixed
Newmarket 1
Newmarket 2
North Bay Seniors
Newmarket Seniors
Coaches and Parents Game

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Season closing weekend

As most of you already know, March 24th is our last weekend of hockey for this season. Since there is no hosted SHI tournament this year, our coaches have arranged for a mini-tournament in the Parry Sound area, suggesting going there on the Friday, playing and partying Saturday, returning on Sunday. Players and families are responsible for their own transportation to both the hotel and the arena.
By now you will have received an email about accommodations.  Those wishing to take advantage must stay both nights to get the special rate and each player/family is responsible for booking their own room(s).
The hotel/resort we are using is the JW Marriott - The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa overlooking Lake Rosseau, Paignton House Rd. Minett.

We will be playing at the Humphrey arena, about 30 minutes from the hotel. 

There is no schedule of games yet for the Saturday.  

If you are setting a GPS, note that different mappers appear to be confused with the physical location of the arena, Google maps lists is as Parry Sound P2A 2W8, whereas MapQuest and my GPS lists it as Seguin P0C, and Canada Post lists it as Seguin P2A 2W8. The end result is they are all the same.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Change to posting comments

I apologize to my fellow NightHawks athletes, parents and care-givers.  When I built this site I left the "Comments" deliberately open to registered users.  Unfortunately over time Google has modified the "registered" term to include any user registered with applications in Google rather than registered with this website.

Today I saw that there are a couple of (foreign) "Google registered users" who have been using this site for their own advertising, so as of now all comments on this site will be moderated by me.

Everyone is welcome to add comments, but they will now be filtered.

Also, if any NightHawks athletes, parents or care-givers see anything out of the ordinary on this website I would appreciate a quick email (on the contact page)


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Welcome to the Newmarket-Nighthawks 2017-2018 season

New Season Starts (Click here for newsletter as PDF)
Welcome to both those returning and those new to the Newmarket Nighthawks' teams.  Our season will begin with registration and a practice on October 7th, 2017. 
Remember, if you wish to practice on registration day you must have full equipment.
We have managed to maintain the registration fees at the same price of $175.  This fee includes all ice times, jerseys, socks, tournament fees and referees.

Icetimes for the 2017/2018 season

The ice times for all teams remains the same and will take place on the Pfaff rink at the Magna Centre.

  • 10:15  -  Juniors 
  • 11:15  -  Intermediates
  • 12:15  -  Seniors

All team schedules will be made available on October 7th, copies will be available at registration or online.  
October 7th - practice and registration
October 14th - practice
October 21st - home game vs. Durham

New Google Registration
Thanks to Melissa Schmidt you will be provided with a new way to register electronically.  A link will be sent to you to enable completion of the registration online.  As always, you will be provided with pdf copies of the Liability Waiver and Code Of Conduct.  You should have already received your registration link and forms by email or you can find them here on the Registration Forms page. As mentioned earlier, the registration fee remains at $175.00.
We ask that you bring these forms (signed) with you, together with the registration fee and any supporting documents required.

Not Returning?
As we have a substantial wait list for players we ask that you let us know if you are NOT returning,  We would like to provide those on the wait list with an opportunity to play as spots become available.
For those on the wait list
For potential new players who have spoken with Bob Mackenzie over the summer, you are welcome to come out and observe.  You will be contacted when we have assessed space availability.  Please introduce yourself to one of the coaches if you come to observe.

Important Dates
October 7, 2017 
Christmas Party:
December 16, 2017
Players Dance:
February 3, 2018
Valentines Fundraiser:
February 10, 2018 
We are considering 2 options at this time, and Chicago 2018 is not one of them


We are urgently in need of on-ice volunteers for our junior team.  We appreciate the volume of young family volunteers, however the juniors require adult volunteers.

Succession Planning for the Newmarket Nighthawks
It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since seven original Nighthawks players took to the ice at Hollingsworth Arena. It’s also hard to fathom that within one to three years Coach Mike, Bob and Terry will be stepping aside from running the organization to allow the next generation of special hockey enthusiasts to coach the players, organize referees, negotiate ice times, schedule games, attend SHI meetings, speak to new families, take orders from Clare, find volunteers for on-ice and off-ice assistance etc. etc.

Our goal is to ensure that the Nighthawk’s program transitions seamlessly to new leadership, who are committed to maintaining our philosophy of providing opportunity for special athletes to play hockey in a safe and inclusive environment. We define winning, not by the goals scored or games won, but rather by the fun experienced, the skills developed and the participation by all players of all abilities. A game with a tied score represents a win for all.

To safeguard the longevity of the Nighthawks program we need interested individuals, who are willing to commit their time and skills, to come forward and let us know your area of interest.  To name but a few areas that require volunteers to run the program; President, Treasurer, Travel Agent, timekeepers, referee coordinator, fund raiser, equipment manager.  Please send an email to Mike, Terry or Bob and also indicate where your interests and skill sets reside.  Our goal is to have this new organizing committee in place by April 2018. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Special Hockey St. Louis style :)

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