Monday, January 31, 2022

Newmarket Nighthawks – Return to Hockey– February 5th 2022!

 We are pleased to report that all ice times are back, ready for your on-ice enjoyment:

  8:45 — Juniors Practice
  9:45 — Intermediates Practice
10:45 — Seniors Practice

All protocols are the same as when we last played. They are below for your review.

We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and the Town of Newmarket have confirmed our return to hockey on January 31st, 2022! Here are some key considerations for our reopening:
    1. Capacity is limited to 50% - while this won't affect most of our games or practices please only have family that need to attend come to the rink.
    2. Our changing rooms will continue to support one team per room, but please consider:
        -    Masks must be worn while preparing to play
        -    Arrive fully dressed to play (dress at home) to limit time in the change room
        -    Dressing rooms are an area the Town has the least ability to oversee so it is vitally important for coaches/players/parents to act responsibly in these spaces
    3. Masks must be worn at all times. Please understand that ice time could be cancelled if our    players, coaches and/or families are not observing masking protocols.
    4. Proof of Vaccination must be presented in the form of a QR Code (smart device or printed on paper).
    5. The Town Of Newmarket Covid Screening must be completed for each participant & parent or caregiver. 

We look forward to seeing our athletes on the ice very soon!!! 

Terry, Conrad, Bob & Clare

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